Towering - Alex Flinn Interesting take on Rapunzel. I liked the way the author included the traditional parts of the Rapunzel fable, just tweaked to fit in a modern day setting. The book has a darker atmosphere to it which I'm always a fan of.On the negative side there's the love at first sight/dream thing. I know it's what happens in the fairy tale, but still. It seems like everything in YA these days is going "Our eyes have locked, we are soul mates. I shall love you forever, let us make out with tongue." Bleh.That, combined with the numerous plot holes/inconsistencies (Who the heck is making prophecies/curses around here anyways? Why did Zach just peace out? etc) is what dragged the book down for me. Overall this around 2.5 stars for me. Rounded up for the Star Trek references And let's be honest here, who didn't think of Tangled with the whole healing-powered tear thing?