Bloodfever (Fever #2) - Karen Marie Moning

Hi. I'm Mags, and I'm an unapologetic book pusher. If you're friends with me I've tried to make you read at least one series of books. If you know me in real life I've bought you books for a birthday or holiday. Happy Easter, read this book now. And this Christmas I'll be buying people the Fever series.


Bloodfever is the second book in Moning's fantastic series. Mackayla Lane's been fored to grow up quite a bit in the past few months. After her sister is brutally murdered Mac journies to Dublin in search of her sister's killer. She gets a whole lot more than she bargained for; Dublin is host to a swarm of Fae and their presence awakens her latent talents. She is a shide-seer, one of the few people who can see through a fae's glamour.


Mac is rapidly becoming one of my favorite heroines. She's grown so much since the first book, morphed into the kickass woman that is Mac 2.0, and I can't wait to see how she contines to grow. The universe's been dumping all kinds of shit on her head, and I love that she's both growing stronger and keeping her sense of humor. 


One of the things that's stood out to me the most is the relationship between Mac and her sister. The way Moning writes about Mac going through the greaving process is so real anx emotional that sometimes I want to give Moning a hug and ask her who she's lost. I'm trying to avoid spoilers but there's one scene in particular inolving Mac and fae prince/jerckface V'lane that made me bawl my eyes out.


Overall I just can't say enough good things about this series. The worldbuilding is great and everything's totally believable. The characters are real people and not caricatures. It's got a dark tone but there's enough humor and hope to keep it from being depressing.


And can I just say, all the Barrons' hype I heard before reading this series? TOTALLY. JUSTIFIED. The definition of tall, dark, handsome, mysterious....Barrons just turns me into a squeeing fangirl.